The Inking Woman Exhibition

‘Why are there no women cartoonists?’ Well, actually, there are – lots of them!

Cath Tate Cards is proud to be the sponsor and co-curator of The Inking Woman which showcases the work of 96 named British artists, and a few more anonymous ones, revealing a wealth of women’s wit and insight spanning 250 years. A wide-ranging selection includes prints from the 18th century, caricatures, joke, editorial and strip cartoons from magazines and newspapers, postcards, comics, zines, graphic novels and digital comics. The exhibition – the largest of its kind to date – demonstrates that women have always had a wicked sense of humour and a perceptive view of the world. Some of the cartoons will be familiar, but there are also forgotten gems from the past. 

The exhibition features many of the brilliant women cartoonists Cath Tate Cards has worked with over the years - it has been a longtime coming for Cath: “I started publishing postcards using work by women cartoonists in the late 1980s and became aware of how many really good cartoonists were around at the time that were virtually unknown. I wanted then to have an exhibition to show people how much talent there was and finally, now some 25 years later, it is happening!”

Opened by Sandi Toksvig on the 26th of April, the Inking Woman runs until 23rd July at The Cartoon Museum in London.

The Cartoon Museum
35 Little Russell Street
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10:30-5:30


Image above: Cath Jackson, New Statesman c.1985