Pictures from the Past

Back in first half of the 20th Century, home cameras weren’t commonplace, if you wanted a family snap shot you would go to a professional photographer.
Between roughly 1890-1930s is was common for families to have professional photographs taken and turned into postcards. The family could then send out a photograph to other family and friends of the new baby, marriage, important birthday or other significant event in the family calendar.
These postcards are still in circulation and capture key moments from the past in the lives of everyday people.
At Cath Tate Cards we take these old images of the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s and other bygone eras and carefully colour them up, breathing life into these old black and white photos. We then find the humour in the image and add an appropriate caption or quote.

Sometimes a funny caption jumps out at you when you see an image, other times it's a bit more tricky....We try to make each caption or quote voice the thoughts, feelings and concerns of everyday people and give an old photograph a sense of humour!