Artist in Focus: Dandy Doodlez

Dandy Doodlez joins the witty and wry Cath Tate Cartoons range

Dandy Doodlez is a disabled/chronically ill digital artist, working from their bed in Shropshire. Dandy’s primary focus is on queer and disability representation. The NEW Dandy Doodlez range features 4 very conscious cards depicting everyday scenarios with a healthy dose of humour. 

Whilst working on the Oxfam store counter a few years ago Dandy sold lots of Cath Tate Cards. Charmed by the signature CTC humour and sensibility Dandy submitted their designs to the CTC team and the rest as they say is history *or lots of emails. 

The addition of Dandy Doodlez to the Cath Tate Cartoons range marks the first disability focused card range by a greeting card publisher and is a perfect addition to the Cath Tate Cards Cartoon range which is a collection of artists and cartoonists who are all either funny or have something to say, or both!


Tuesday , 22 December 2020