Brand new ranges for 2020

Cath Tate Cards is proud to introduce four completely new ranges to kick off the year. Browse online, download or request a catalogue or see them for yourself at Top Drawer (stand U33) and Springfair (stand 2E16).

Colour Me Happy

We've taken our love of witty words to new lengths with the addition of the Colour Me Happy range of humorous greeting cards: wry words to get you through everyday life. The range includes 16 designs featuring embossed text on contemporary colour-washed backgrounds. See the entire range here.

Drawn in Gold 

Illustrator Katy Christianson is back with a stunning new range of hand-drawn cards. With each black and white illustration perfectly framed by a full front of gold foiling, these timeless flora and fauna greeting cards really capture ones attention. View the entire range here.

Abigail Burch

This range from illustrator Abigail Burch is inspired by the cute, the funny, the weird and the wonderful. Featuring delightful hand-drawn creatures, these slightly off the wall and incredibly detailed illustrations are sure to raise a smile. Browse the range here.


The card that just keeps on giving, our Seeded range are printed on handmade seed paper. Featuring illustrations from gardener turned artist, Charlotte Day, the wildflower seeds embedded in the paper will grow into a range of local, bee-friedly wildflowers. Available at the end of January. Read more about the range here.

Monday , 13 January 2020