Artist In Focus: Hot Foils

2022 marked the year of Hot Foils! We were lucky enough to add another fabulous female artist to our roster of talented collaborators in the form of Jess aka Hot Foils...


Known for her use of bold colours, and even bolder statements, funky hand drawn fonts and of course her striking use of foiled finishing, Jess aka Hot Foils was the perfect addition to our amazing pool of talented artists. Creating her popular art prints from her home studio in Peckham, Jess is no stranger to colour, sparkle and sass! 

We were delighted to collaborate with Jess on a range of greeting cards in Spring of 2022. She adapted some of her bestselling prints and worked with us to design new designs, perfect for a line of fab-u-lous greeting cards.

We're passionate about supporting independent artists, and it's been a dream to work with Jess on this collection. One of the areas of our business that we're most excited about is working with talented artists and illustrators. Collaboration keeps the Cath Tate Cards brand fresh (after all, we are 40 years old!) and give a platform to indie artists to spread their voice!

We were so in love with the Hot Foils collection, that we wanted more, more, more! By Autumn 2022 we worked with Jess again and she developed 5 further designs. After launching with a range that had a strong feminine energy, these additional 5 designs were targeted more towards men, like You Magnificent Bastard, Daddy Cool and The Man The Myth The Legend.

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Monday , 9 January 2023