About Us

Witty, gritty, right on, switched on, political, ethical, sceptical, poetical and just plain funny.

Welcome to Cath Tate Cards online shop. Here you can buy anything and everything from the humour of Cath Tate Cards plus the best from a selection of other card and gift designers we love. Based in London, Brixton, Cath Tate has been adding her unique sense of humour to cards and gifts for over 30 years.

Rosie Tate, Cath's daughter has now joined the family business and also designs cards and gifts. Cath and Rosie with a team of amazing designers and other terribly funny people continue to produce cards and gifts with wit and bring them to you! We produce our cards, tea towels, mugs, coasters and magnets in the UK and try a source UK made products whenever possible.     

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