Artist in focus: Katie Kirby and Hurrah for Gin

The Hurrah for Gin greeting card range is a teaming up of Cath Tate Cards and popular mum blogger Katie Kirby.

Katie lives by the sea in Hove with her husband, two sons and dog Sasha.  She used to have a highly professional job and now draws pictures of sweary stick people, which she much prefers!

Katie’s hilarious stick figure cartoons take a sideways look at not only the ridiculousness of parenthood, but also brilliantly sum up the daily struggles of adulthood. 

Katie started her award-winning blog Hurrah for Gin when she was struggling with the reality of having two small children. Finding the humour in the everyday dramas of motherhood was cathartic for her, and really touched a nerve with many other mothers. So much so that a few years down the line she has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and three best-selling books under her belt. Cath Tate Cards jumped at the chance to work with a witty woman such as Katie, not least because so many of us in the office also have small children and were already fans of her blog.

Not all the designs in the Hurrah for Gin greeting card range are mum-based but they all follow the same theme: the pitfalls of being an adult and being human. 

Hurrah for Gin Monday unicorn greeting card Hurrah for Gin Nativity Christmas card

Monday , 28 October 2019