Artist in Focus: Veronica Dearly and the Terrific Humans range

Illustrator and wordsmith Veronica Dearly headshotVeronica Dearly’s Terrific Humans range is best described as positively human! With an upbeat gentle sense of humour Veronica’s positive but real outlook runs throughout the range.
Veronica lives in Slough (and has genuine Slough love!) with her two kids Oli and Tabitha, husband Craig and pet snake Olivia Benson!   
Cath Tate Cards first published some of her designs back in 2015. Cath Tate bought one of Veronica’s cards after spotting it in a shop and randomly Rosie Tate also bought one in the same shop on a different occasion! Realising they had both coincidentally bought a card by the same artist the mother and daughter team felt they needed to get in touch with her, and violá the Terrific Humans range was born.
Veronica’s distinctive illustrative style contains a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit, to create greetings cards and illustrations that resonate with people. The cards reflect her actual real life with her feminist, funny, family adventures being the inspiration for the range.
All the lettering and illustrations in the range are hand drawn by Veronica’s fair hand!

Monday , 7 October 2019