Discover our latest range: Deadpan Cards!

Surprise! We're so excited to reveal that we've taken over the licence for Deadpan cards! 


We’ve taken on 25 designs, a combination of birthday bestsellers, ages 18-80 and popular occasion cards.

The range is brilliantly blunt with Deadpan’s signature cynical humour captions. We love their dry humour and general lack of enthusiasm - it’s always stood out to us since we discovered their designs at a trade show in 2018

"We've always thought of Cath Tate as one of our card buddies and, since they not only make hilarious cards but also take the whole running-a-business part seriously, we can't think of a better match. 

It's not on brand for us to be excited about things but, hey, we'll make an exception just this once" - Deadpan

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Wednesday , 28 June 2023